[OMC] Shortcuts and BTT

OnMyCommand discussion omc at abracode.com
Wed Jan 19 00:06:54 PST 2011

 Interesting concept. I did not try it myself but Macworld has an 
 article about it:
 BTT looks quite complex but I like the idea of triggering a command 
 with a gesture.
 BTT that would have to send the signal to Shortcuts - the BTT developer 
 would have to allow some form of communication with 3rd party software, 
 maybe a plug-in based architecture with adapters for different targets. 
 Doable but definitely not trivial.

 On Mon, 17 Jan 2011 08:01:24 -0600, OnMyCommand discussion wrote:
> You might want to contact the developer of BTT (Better Touch Tool  -
> http://blog.boastr.net/) and see if you can integrate some of his
> gestures app into Shortcuts.
> M.

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