[OMC] OMC 2.2 Preview 7 (Release Candidate)

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Tue Dec 22 00:31:31 PST 2009


OMC 2.2 preview 7 is available at:
Changes since preview 6 described below. This is a release candidate. I don't plan to modify the binaries unless someone finds a bug. I will update the documentation, examples, post new command submissions online (now it is the time to send your command submission for the fastest turnaround :-)) and after several days of bake time I will release it as a final version.

I also plan to release an update to Shortcuts at the time of OMC 2.2 release. The new version adds keyboard combinations for Cocoa dialogs displayed by plug-ins. So for example standard Cmd-C for Copy or Cmd-W for closing the window will work for all windows displayed by OMC (except Carbon custom nib dialogs in 32 bit under Shortcuts32).
Shortcuts 2.0.1 preview 1 is available at:
In order to update Shortcuts, first launch the old version. Quit ShortcutObserver, remove it from startup items. Then quit Shortcuts.app, replace with new version, launch and restart ShortcutObserver, re-add it to login items.


OMC 2.2 Preview 7 (December 22, 2009)
1. Added omc_set_value_from_stdin as an option to omc_dialog_control to work around the problem of long value text exceeding allowable command-line option length. Such long string makes sense for text view control
2. Added OMCBox, a thin wrapper around NSBox just to add a control id/tag. Useful if you have a group of controls inside such box and you want to disable/enable or hide/show all of them.
3. Fixed inverted omc_hide/omc_show for controls in custom Cocoa nib dialogs
4. Mac OS 10.4 no longer supported. Now compiled with deployment target 10.5 and gcc 4.2

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