[OMC] OMC 2.0 Preview 11

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Mon Jun 23 01:47:36 PDT 2008


OMC 2.0 preview 11 is available at:
See release notes below.

Preview 10 introduced more wrinkles than expected after some Cocoa rewrites.
This release should smooth most of them. I am aware of a couple of really
minor issues still remaining and I will try to fix them before final
release. Other than that, this is really close to release candidate. If you
have been holding off testing of OMC 2.0, you should try now and if
something is broken for you, let me know ASAP.

The installation process has been changed completely. No more manual
installations or lightweight AppleScripts. It should be more reliable and
process should be familiar to Mac users. You comments about the new
installation experience are welcome. Installation is complicated enough that
we may need to have an uninstaller too.

[ BTW, Apple's PackageMaker for building installation packages is not
helpful at all. Any attempt to add Abracode.framework ends up with a crash
(too complicated framework?). Luckily, there is an excellent 3rd party
alternative named Iceberg and it produced this installation package without
any issues. Highly recommended. ]

The documentation will be updated and maybe some more examples as well.
Recent command submissions will be posted online as well.


OMC 2.0 Preview 11 (June 23, 2008)

1. Modified ".droplet -> .app" script so it actually works correctly for new
Cocoa droplets
2. Updated .droplet examples so they can be upgraded to full .app Cocoa
droplets without problems
3. Fixed a problem of OMCDeputy not quitting when you close output window
(bug introduced in 2.0 pr 10)
4. Fixed a problem that OS version was not initialized sometimes and as left
at 10.3.
5. Fixed cascading output window setting not working (bug introduced in 2.0
pr 10)
6. Running a command which requires file object in droplet app without any
files dropped on it now shows the navigation dialog to pick a file
7. Changed OMCDeputy to use Cocoa run loop
8. Fixed fade-in/fade-out when output window is in OMCDeputy (bug introduced
in 2.0 pr 10)
9. Fixed problems with commands running automatically on reactivation event
in new Cocoa droplet (bug introduced in 2.0 pr 10)
10. Standard installer

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