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> Where ps2eps is located? Most likely there are search paths added  
> to your
> Terminal environment which are not existing in popen'ed shell.
> Type "env" command in Terminal and execute "env" in OMC using  
> "popen with
> output window" mode to see the differences in "PATH" variable.
> The easiest fix is to provide the full path to ps2eps, e.g.
> ~/bin/ps2eps __OBJ_PATH__
> If you don't know where ps2eps is located, type "which ps2eps" in  
> Terminal.
> The fact that it is a Perl script is irrelevant.
> Hope it helps,
> Tom
> Abracode

Thanks Tom,

your help was crystal clear.
never thought popen was kinda a separate shell with it own env  
It worked.
I will also look for a way to get popen the same env variables.

Keep up the good work.

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