[OMC] Hiding e-mail addresses

Wooden Brain Concepts woodenbrain at kagi.com
Thu Jul 7 11:37:13 PDT 2005

Either way is fine with me, and thanks for considering this.

On 7/7/05 2:24 PM, "Tomasz Kukielka" <tom at abracode.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to discuss how e-mail addresses should be handled on this list.
> I would like to protect the privacy of list members and not show their
> e-mails in archive. At the same time I would prefer to make the archive
> public so anyone could take a look at it and google would index it. I use
> Mailman for this mailing list. Unfortunately I don't have an option to hide
> e-mail addresses in the archive. They are obfuscated though so my e-mail
> will show as "tom at abracode.com".  It may not be good enough nowadays
> because e-mail harvesters are more sophisticated.
> The options that I currently have are:
> 1. Make the archive accessible only to list members - private, no google
> searching
> 2. Make the list completely anonymous - your e-mail will not be revealed
> when you post to this group and you will not be able to respond directly to
> the poster except through the mailing list.
> What would you prefer? Or maybe you have some other ideas how to solve this
> problem.
> Tom
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